Reporting a Claim

Ledgebrook is a managing general underwriter (MGU) of the Everspan Indemnity Insurance Company (Everspan).

Everspan has contracted with Sedgwick Claim Management Services (Sedgwick) to manage the claims reported under a Ledgebrook issued Everspan general and/or excess liability policy.

A policy issued and administered by Ledgebrook on behalf of Everspan will have a policy number that begins with LB1EII or LB2EII, if it has not been issued by Ledgebrook, you should consult with your agent or broker to determine the appropriate method to report a claim.

To Report a Claim to Sedgwick

If you believe you have been injured or suffered damage because of a Ledgebrook/Everspan policyholder or you are the policyholder and need to report a claim, you should immediately report the claim to Sedgwick in any of the following methods (in order of preference) outlined below.


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*Reporting via the Internet includes the ability to upload claim related documents

Regular Mail


Once the claim is reported to Sedgwick, a designated Sedgwick claim examiner will be assigned to the claim.

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