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Does it ever feel like you're working with one hand tied behind your back? Tired of the struggles and inefficiencies associated with legacy systems and processes? Spending too much of your time and energy completing mundane tasks? Restricting any efforts to deepen your knowledge base, and deliver high-quality underwriting support and service excellence?

At Ledgebrook, we believe a progressively expanding career in underwriting can be so much more. You bring passion and entrepreneurial spirit; we'll provide the platform and opportunity to unleash the very best of your talents and skills. Apply now to advance your underwriting knowledge and career at Ledgebrook.

About the Role

Ledgebrook is seeking experienced E&S Underwriting Assistant talent to join our growing team, whose mission is to build a profitable book of E&S business across expanding lines of business and coverages. Ledgebrook's vision is to deliver market-relevant solutions to our key wholesale trading partners in a more frictionless environment that places an emphasis on efficiencies and quality to meet or exceed our broker's overall needs in a risk-differentiated manner. If you possess an entrepreneurial passion with a proven track history of delivering high-quality underwriting support and seek an opportunity to break out of the traditional insurance company mold, we're looking for you!

As a member of the Ledgebrook Underwriting Support team, you will regularly interact with Ledgebrook's underwriters and wholesale trading partners over the phone, virtually, or in-person to facilitate various transactions independently or with limited guidance. We are looking for candidates with a strong overall E&S support background across various lines of business, including a curiosity to gain a deeper knowledge of our business.

We currently operate in a fully remote work environment, so we're more focused on your experience and cultural fit than where you physically sit!


As a future Ledgebrook E&S Underwriting Assistant, your experience and qualifications should include:

  • Prior general/technical E&S underwriting support experience across various lines of business and coverages
  • Experience in submission process management, including review for completeness to handle or facilitate account clearance and set-up
  • Understanding of basic underwriting data analysis to execute submission triage activities, i.e. review submission information in relation to underwriting appetite and guidelines to assist underwriting staff with eligibility determination and prioritization of opportunities
  • Ability to obtain required information from brokers, organizing/maintaining file documentation and facilitating transactions with other underwriting support resources
  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to balance multiple tasks/projects to focus on key priorities and deadline achievement
  • Understanding of company appetites and delegated underwriting authorities

About You

Here at Ledgebrook we are passionate about creating a team that is on a continuous learning journey and that shares our excitement about building a company from the ground up. Some of the characteristics we hold dear are:

  • A passion to deliver a world-class customer service experience to both internal and external customer
  • Intellectual curiosity and desire to innovate processes/procedures versus being satisfied with the status quo
  • A desire to continue learning through on-the-job mentorship or formal educational/training opportunities
  • Agile prioritization skills coupled with a keen sense of urgency that seeks to balance getting it right versus getting it done right now
  • A strong drive and desire to win together as a high-performing team
  • A moral compass to "do the right thing, period", we have zero tolerance for toxic behaviors.

About Ledgebrook

Our next-gen tech stack supports faster, risk differentiated solutions to be crafted and delivered in response to the fast-paced needs of the E&S market. Our data driven approach seeks to unlock more opportunities and value from every submission received, leading to a faster ‘yes’ more frequently, but may also lead to a quick ‘no’.

We are motivated and structured to move faster than traditional insurance organizations. To fully align business objectives with a long-term view that supports our culture and values, all employees will have the opportunity to participate in company ownership through equity grants. We aim to deliver a highly compelling overall employee value proposition and a total compensation package that couples equity grants with base pay and benefits offerings.

At Ledgebrook, as a unified team of company stewards, we will Care, Strive and Thrive together!

What Ledgebrook can offer you

Competitive salary

and meaningful equity ownership

Health Insurance

100% employer-paid option available

Additional benefits

available include 401k plan,  dental, vision & other options

Remote work,

flexible hours


time off policy


autonomy, purpose

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