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Tom Hutton

Managing Partner at

About Tom

Tom is a managing partner at Thompson Hutton LLC, a firm that provides investment management and advisory services to a small group of venture capital and private equity funds.

Tom has held leadership roles in several financial services and related technology businesses. These have included CEO at Risk Management Solutions (RMS) from 1990-2000 and CEO at White Mountains Re (2006-07); Public Director roles at XL Group, Safeco, Montpelier Re and Jefferson Smurfit; and Director roles at several private or venture-backed companies. He founded New Energy Risk in partnership with XL Group in 2011 and served as CEO until starting XL Innovate in 2015. He has non-profit roles and interests in secondary school education and energy/environmental initiatives. Tom is currently the chairman of the board of directors at SoFi, an early board member of the Insuretech Lemonade, and a director of companies that include Archipelago, MoCaFi, Slice, and Cape Analytics. Tom received an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School, an MS in Mechanical Engineering and a BA in Economics from Stanford University.

Tom is considered a rare veteran in the Insurtech Venture Capital community, having participated as an entrepreneur or investor for nearly 35 years. As an entrepreneur, a long-term insurtech venture investor, and a director in several successful insurance and financial technology companies, Tom’s career has been dedicated to risk management … even when the risk was his own. In his mid-twenties, Tom owned a commercial fishing boat (that he designed), and to address the high cost of insurance, he grouped ten fishermen together and pooled their risk by buying insurance in excess of one major loss. In effect, he started an early insurance cooperative.

Why Tom is a game-changer for our team

Tom Hutton’s addition to our advisory board marks a pivotal moment for our company and our clients. With a wealth of experience and a track record of success in the realms of Insurance, investment management, financial technology, and private equity, Tom brings invaluable insights and strategic vision to the table.

Tom not only shares the Ledgebrook vision of building a new insurance company by merging the best of both the insurance and tech worlds but also shares our passion for people and culture. We are very excited for Tom to share his wisdom and guidance as we go!

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